Interacting Online

Interacting with other people’s digital selves.

I put in more effort with my comments on other people’s posts.

Henry Mills’s post “Sometimes it’s hard to words

He linked a video in his post and I felt like it really added to all of the material we had been listening to. It actually inspired me to write a post about foley artists and a specific podcast.

Daffney Myers’s post “Stitched Together

I forgot to get a screenshot for this but I talked about accessibility and linked a chart that shows what text colors work on certain background colors. Something I’ve learned since working at the DKC is that you have to make your online media accessible. I noticed that Myers’s post was hard for me to read, so it would likely make someone who was colorblind have more trouble. I can’t be too harsh because I definitely could do better about accessibility. I don’t have alt text on my pictures because there are a ton in all of the posts we are making. It’s definitely got me thinking, though.

Brandon Peyton’s post “A Song In The Distance

This comment hasn’t been approved either but I remembered to screenshot. I really liked this assignment because it was in line with a trend I’ve seen online. It’s a cool trend where people edits songs to sound like they’re coming from another room. I really like when people make those edits because it really sets up a specific, chill vibe. I think this assignment completed the idea well and I enjoyed learning a little bit more about garage band.

Ross’s post “A collection of good sounds

I really enjoyed this assignment for a few reasons. I always feel good when I know about something that people might not be aware of. Since a few people in my life have the same disorder with being sensitive to sounds I was particularly interested in what sounds Ross would choose for his assignment. Some of the sounds weren’t relatable but I immediately knew what he was talking about with the mancala stones. I gave him some feedback about sound editing. Otherwise I think it was a really fun post.

Ginney Summers’s post “These Boots Were Made For Loving

I haven’t really know what to write about with my daily creates. However, in this post, Ginny definitely elevated her daily create. I think her story really added to the image she shared. I really enjoyed reading this post and interacting with Ginny. I also thought it was great that this daily create perfectly fit with her site’s idea, seeing as its called “A Crazy Horse Lady”.

Brittney’s post “Moon Lies

I was interested to see another person’s opinion about the Moon Graffiti piece. I had vague knowledge going into it about the speech that was written in case the mission failed. Brittney’s post definitely caught my eye. It ended up being positive, which I was glad for. We both agreed that it was a good piece. I personally liked its length but Brittney said she would definitely see a longer version.

Overall, trying to be more constructive with my comments definitely caused me to interact with people and engage with what they’d written more. I still liked looking at other people’s sites before. However, I was really caught up in making sure I was doing everything right on my own site. It’s definitely important to learn how to have meaningful interactions to make this class better. I feel like that’s the biggest thing I learned this week.

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