Leading Up To Midnight On Jan. 18th

This is a summary of the things I did before the clock struck midnight on January 18th.

Summary Section

For the second blog post, linked below, I think I overdid it. I took a cinema studies class in the past so I decided to take what I learned there and apply it here. I analyzed every single shot but I don’t think that helped. I put in some summaries to make it more clear what I got out of the analysis. Other than that assignment I think I completed the rest of them well. I did a lot of work on the first blog post but I think I managed to keep it on track. I only did 2 video assignments because they take a lot of time and I didn’t actually like a lot of the prompts that I saw.

Since video is the medium I am most comfortable with I did not really run into any trouble with the creation. I really enjoyed making the two videos I made. The one that was the most challenging was the lyric video. I did really simple animating using Canva which took so much more time than I thought. I wouldn’t say it gave me trouble but I did have to go back and make more pictures as I working because I realized I didn’t have enough frames. It definitely gave me more appreciation for animators. I don’t think I’d do it again for fun but I was happy to do it because it helped me fulfill a passion project.

I’m still struggling to figure out why Twitter embeds look weird to me. Other than that I did fine with these assignments. I don’t think my work really tackled anything. Although! The song that I chose, the one that my dad wrote, has a really cool message that I like. I won’t take credit for the message, just for bringing it to life.

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