New Species

I created an alien species today.

The daily create for today asked us to imagine an alien that lays eggs and how that would affect something like their architecture. I decided to draw inspiration from things we have seen on earth and make a mashup of a dinosaur and a chicken. Then I explained that their architecture would be inspired by eggs. The characterization I gave to these creatures is that they only exist to make more of their kind. Naturally this would mean that they would place their eggs in the middle of their buildings and pay respect to creation by modeling their architecture and spaceships after eggs.

When I first saw the challenge earlier today I was at a loss for ideas. However, something that really stuck with me was the idea of finding the sweet spot between “precrastinating” and “procrastinating”. I believe it was something that Henry shared in his post, “Sometimes Its Hard To Words“. The video talks about original thinkers and why they’ve succeeded. What I took from that video was that I should plan ahead, but that you likely won’t have your best idea right off the bat.

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